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Baby Bear Bundle

Baby Bear Bundle

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Bundle features a vinyl record and CD copy of My Name Is Bear as well as a free! copy of Nahko's My Name Is Bear book.

My Name Is Bear album - released October 20, 2017

Double LP on black vinyl. Gatefold jacket with insert and download card. Compact disc

Track List

1 Dragonfly 
2 The Vow (Interlude) 
3 Be Here Now 
4 Goodnight, Sun 
5 Too Much Kerouac (Interlude) 
6 Kirby, Joe 
7 Susanna 
8 Bearly Thoughts (Interlude) 
9 Sing Him Of My Revelations 
10 Hamakua (Featuring – Jeanna Love)
11 Call Him By His Name 
12 Early February 
13 Stoned On A Stone (Interlude) 
14 Creation's Daughter (Featuring - Sandrayati Fay)
15 Alice 
16 Die Like Dinoz 

My Name Is Bear Book

A collection of Nahko's lyrics and story-telling about the My Name Is Bear album coming into being.

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