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Dark As Night Double Vinyl

Dark As Night Double Vinyl


10th year Anniversary Edition pressing of Nahko And Medicine For The People's Dark As Night as a double LP

This is a limited edition pressing of Dark As Night to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the album

Features all new artwork, a gatefold sleeve, and includes 3 bonus acoustic songs

Limited to 1000 copies

1. Aloha Ke Akua
2. Manifesto
3. Risk It
4. Warrior People
5. So Thankful
6. Budding Trees
7. Nyepi
8. 7 Feathers
9. Black As Night
10. On The Verge
11. My Country
12. I Mua
13. 7 Feathers (Acoustic)
14. Budding Trees (Acoustic)
15. Black As Night (Acoustic)

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